Our biggest anniversary project revealed: KALEIDOSCOPE


The past few months have been a whirlwind adventure for the entire team as we prepare for our biggest anniversary project to date — #FundTheFuturePH, A FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN TO SAVE OUR HOMES! We recently poured our hearts out on our social media pages and shared about the real state of our stores. Here are some snippets from our #LockdownConfessionsPH! A lot of you were sweet enough to even share your own stories with us! They, definitely, made us feel more connected with all of you despite the distance! ❤️ 



A Collection of Cards for the Hopeful


This community and this special bond between us are the reasons why we have made the commitment to keep on fighting! We gathered #CommonRoomPH makers to contribute artworks and freebies for our anniversary project and the result is this 55-postcard book entitled Kaleidoscope, illustrations and stories about life in lockdown, beautifully illustrated by 55 Filipino artists! All proceeds from the sales of Kaleidoscope will go directly to funding our rental and salary assistance to #CommonRoomPH makers and our team!


Over Php 2000 worth of freebies for the first 50 orders

The book is only Php 1799 but for the first 50 paid orders, it will come with over Php 2000 worth of THANK YOU FREEBIES! No kidding! You can even choose the category of tokens you’d like to receive to ensure you’ll get something useful for you. Note, though, that number of tokens for each category is limited so make sure to order ASAP! 🙌 

In case the first 50 books with major freebies get sold out, the team will immediately update the listing so you can still choose from the simple Thank You Tokens that we have prepared for everyone who will support Kaleidoscope! WIN WIN!!!   


Kaleidoscope Postcard Book
Php 1799

Buy a book. Save our homes.


We hope you like what we prepared for you. May each page of this book bring you the hope and healing you need. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for supporting us through all these years. We're only here because of you!