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Simoy Ng Haraya Reed Diffuser

Simoy Ng Haraya
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Scent your home without the open flame. The reed sticks will naturally disperse scent into the air giving your room a lasting fragrance.

Each set comes with a 100ml glass bottle and reed sticks.

Scent Guide:

  1. Alaala - A delicate olive scent that satisfies your yearning for the simpler joys of yesterday.
  2. Isla - Mix of lily of the valley, water lotus, rosewater, star jasmine, violet petals, white musk, precious woods, and sea moss. 
  3. Kawayan - Soothes the senses and brings us back to the days when time moved slowly.
  4. Lila - Soak in this whimsical mix of rose and lavender that is sure to tickle your imagination.
  5. Liwayway - Provides brightening fresh snap of ginger, cool camphor, eucalyptus, and wasabi.


Disclaimer: Only available for purchase for Metro Manila Shipping to reduce risk of the item leaking, breaking or damaging other items. Not available for provincial.



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