Gift Guide for the 10 Types of People in Your Life

We blinked and all of a sudden it’s just a little over a month before Christmas. If you haven’t checked any one from your gift list yet, Common Room is here to help. Whether you have a friend, sibling, or officemate who only talks about the latest Kdrama, her fur baby, or just about how many cups of coffee she can drink before she’s functional, we have gift suggestions for the different types of people who hopefully made your year more joyful. It’s time to let them know you appreciate their friendship and special kind of crazy.

1. For your friend who wants to save the planet. 

They will likely not be too happy to see you use a plastic straw or accept a single-use plastic bag from the Ate selling turon during merienda time. So, aside from practicing some eco-friendly habits to show them you do care about climate change, give them some of these sustainable-friendly products: Burrito Cutlery Set, Reusable Market & Produce Bag, or Reusable Cotton Squares. Be sure to use recycled paper to wrap it!

2. For the K-drama binge watcher.

If that’s not you, chances are you know someone who is. They especially wait for all episodes of the latest K-drama to drop before letting friends know they’re staying in for the weekend because they have a date with <insert Kdrama actor of choice here>. The enabler that you are, you can give this Claw Wooden Mobile Stand in case they like to watch their K series on their phones. Or  in between K-drama binges, these Hallyu sticker packs, K-drama sticker sheets, and even Chibi Soju Plushies can be good companions in the meantime.

3. For the officemate who thinks 3 cups of coffee a day is normal.

Hey, we all have our ways of dealing with stress. If caffeinated drinks help your bruh, sis, or fellow corporate slave from burning out, give them all your support. You can also gift them with these coffee-themed items: Statement Canvas cup holder, Statement mugs, and Printable sticker sheet.



4. For your Plantita or Plantito friend.

They’re armed to the teeth with potting soil, fertilizer and other things needed to nurture their green babies. You can add a few unique items to their gardening arsenal with seed pencils or abaca basket planters. While Habil Moss Frames and Planty Pins make for charming flora furnishings.

5. The ones who always post their OOTDs.

Even during lockdown, while the rest of us went to our Zoom meetings in bacon shorts and a decent-enough shirt, they never failed to make an effort to dress up. Now that offices, restaurants and other public places have opened up, they will appreciate this statement wire necklace, hand-painted earrings by Plural & Co., beaded chain necklace by Pulseras by Kim, or Jacinda Jute Tote Bag to add to their OOTD lineup.

6. That friend whose nesting instincts went on overdrive during the pandemic.

There’s no corner in their condo unit that was spared from being styled and turned into a vignette. Decorative home items and curated treasures dominate their social media feed. Give them more items to cherish with Krete’s concrete coaster set, Origami metal home décor, Simoy ng Haraya Reed Diffuser, Dried Statice Flowers and wallflower wall art by Glorious Dias.


7. For the special someone who’s always crafting.

Whether it’s to express their creativity, relieve their anxiety, or both, these creative souls are always trying their hand (literally) at a new DIY or arts and crafts. Give them some of Common Room’s DIY kits for fabric waxing, pottery, calligraphy or embroidery. There’s also the Sticker Slam Book for pages and pages of journaling.

8. The artists in the family or your barkada.

They can wield a pen, pencil, or paintbrush. They might have been doing it for so long or have just picked up the hobby recently, whatever level they’re in, you can always cheer them on with some art materials like a watercolor kit, Golden Natural brushes and natural bamboo mat brush holder, and Pearlscent colors metal box. You can also give some inspiration with art prints from Cheryl Owen, Speculiars, and Fran Alvarez.

9. For the fur moms and fur dads.

For them, it’s the best thing in the world—having a fur baby who showers them with love and snuggles after a long day at work. It’s no surprise that fur parents also dote on their young ‘uns. They will be delighted to get a custom pet portrait by 3AM Crafter or Heart Cheek Studios (although that usually takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce, so maybe it can be a post-Christmas or HNY gift). Enamel pins, notebooks, and bracelets with cute dog or cat designs also work. 

10. Your wellspring of inspirational quotes.

From Monday motivations to gentle self-care reminders in your feed or Viber group, your Tita friend, actual Tita, or mumshie boss is always ready to dispense some kind words to keep you from unraveling. Show your gratitude with some motivation pencils or sticker pack motivation (hey, they also need to be cheered on). And if they’re really special, splurge on an experience she will appreciate. A creative coaching session with a life and career coach may be a good way for her to discover what they truly want and even be more courageous. It will definitely spark even more words of wisdom.



If we missed out on anyone, we’re sure you’ll still be able to find something for them here or in our stores. There are over 200 local makers and brands you can support when you choose to shop small for your holiday gifts. Happy gift hunting! 


—written by Mabel David-Pilar
Mabel has been a writer and editor for many publications including a teen fashion magazine and a book on the most endangered Philippine trees. She spends most of her time writing, illustrating, stalking Common Room’s online shop, and making ferments. Together with her sisters, she co-created to celebrate fermentation and eating more plants!