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Common Room is a collaborative space that houses over 200+ local crafters and brands. Its homes, whether physical or digital, offer a multitude of handmade creative curiosities for treasure hunters and craft collectors, both young and old. 



Most of our crafts are proudly local. From lovingly handmade goods to notepads, desk essentials, craft supplies, paper flowers, comics, postcards, home decors, knick-knacks and charming unique accessories, we’ve got something for everybody.  



Since opening our doors in 2015, we built homes in different parts of Metro Manila as part of our ongoing efforts to house more products from local artists and makers. But the challenge remains the same throughout the years — our physical spaces will never be big enough for the country’s growing arts and crafts community.

This reality check was the nudge we needed to build homes that will not be bound by the physical limitations of our brick-and-mortar spaces. On its 5th anniversary, the community launched our YouTube channel that will enable us to bring the Common Room experience to more creatives and their supporters.



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