Happy 7! Here are Common Room’s 7 Best Selling Items

When Common Room opened their doors in 2015, Roma Agsalud-Agsunod and her sister Maan Agsalud had almost a decade of crafting and running a business together. Popjunklove, their brand of upcycled trinkets, handmade plushies, and everything cute, was a staple in many bazaars and pop-ups since 2007.

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While there were challenges through the years, the sisters always took it as an opportunity to get better. The years also saw them meeting fellow makers, knowing which locations worked, and getting to know their market enough to have the sisters finally set up Common Room. It was established as a shared retail space of local makers and artists, carrying over 200 homegrown brands and a multitude of different items. From arts and crafts supplies, lovely home accessories, unique gift ideas to cute, handmade pieces (and there’s a lot of them!), the choices can be dizzying. So let’s give you a hand (and a shopping cart) and get you started with Common Room’s best sellers for the past seven years.


Popjunklove K-drama plushies

Have a little drama in your life–at least the cute variety with these cuddly Chibi K-drama dolls. Whether you still can’t get over Baek Yi-jin from Twenty Five Twenty One or want your own Reply 1988 barkada, these Popjunklove plushies can help you cope with post-K-drama withdrawals or at the very least be nostalgic reminders when you binge-watched an entire series to get you through the pandemic. Good times!

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Simoy ng Haraya Reed Diffuser

If your idea of soothing yourself is keeping your home smelling like you just stepped into the spa or hark back to idyllic days when you didn’t have to think of adulting, then join many Common Room shoppers who love to avail of this Simoy ng Haraya Reed Diffuser. The reed sticks will naturally spread the scent (they have five–Alaala, Isla, Kawayan, Lila and Liwayway) in your space without the need for an open flame. 

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Kasa Ko Dried Flowers

Walang forever! Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron! And before we throw more iconic lines and meme inspirations, know that these Dried Statice Flowers from Kasa Ko will never wilt and die on you. They’re the perfect home decor for those who’ve seen one too many indoor house plants shrivel up and die on them or just to add something different to your desk or shelf. 

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Punch Crafts Leather Cord Organizer 

With the amount of gadgets we use these days, finding a tangle of wires inside our bags can be an everyday annoyance. It happens to so many that Common Room shoppers always pick up a pair or two to land Punch Crafts’ Leather Cord Organizer in the best selling list. It keeps cords and cables neatly bundled separately while saving you some time rummaging through your bag. You can get them plain or monogrammed.

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Sustainably Made Device Stand

Another practical and clever piece from Common Room is this device stand from the folks of Sustainably Made. Watching those YT videos, doing a video call, or going on an endless scroll in your social media can seriously take its toll on your neck, shoulder and wrist. A device stand for your phone or tablet is the simple solution and our mindful shoppers agree, making this one a Common Room top seller.

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Bedazzled Semi-precious Stones Bracelets

Want something to help with positive self-affirmations (Rose Quartz), absorb negative energy (Map Jasper), or bring luck and prosperity (Jade)? If you believe that certain gemstones symbolize healing properties, then these different bracelets of semi-precious stones from Bedazzled have your name on it. But it’s also a pretty accessory to complete your OOTD.

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Stickers and Pins!

We love them! They’re funny, charming, cool or all of the above and with a countless assortment of stickers and pins in Common Room, it’s no surprise that they fly off the shelves. There’s so much to choose from, you’ll surely find something that speaks to you–cute cat pins, exquisitely designed enamel pins, anime-inspired pins, sticker sheets of motivation, peel-off journal stickers, Pinoy street scene stickers, and more. Trust us, there’s always more. 


–written by Mabel David-Pilar

Mabel has been a writer and editor for many publications including a teen fashion magazine and a book on the most endangered Philippine trees. She spends most of her time writing, illustrating, stalking Common Room’s online shop, and making ferments. Together with her sisters, she co-created a space to celebrate fermentation and eating healthy. Visit her at startersisters.com or @startersistersph