Meet the Maker: Tin Villanueva

This month's featured maker is also the newest addition to our team, Tin Villanueva! She's the talented film maker behind all the video content we've been putting out lately. But before that, she's also been documenting our Common Room days way back to our first shop opening in Katipunan. 

Tin loves filming the process of things - shedding light to share others' works and stories. She's worked and currently works with several names and brands. What we love most though are her own personal projects. 

In her Youtube video with us last week, she shares how you have make your dream project come to life and not just wait for it to come to you. That's also how she came about doing her Melbourne Artists series. You can find more of her works in her website and Instagram. Excited to share more content from her soon - both behind and in front of the camera!

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